What’s the dumbest privacy choice you’ve made online?

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

AI is in at the moment. Everyone is talking to ChatGPT like it’s an AOL chatbot circa 2001, and everyone else is happily handing their pictures over to Lensa so they can see what they’d look like rendered by an artist’s pen. The picture thing has struck me as a little odd, as there’s not a lot we know about how those images are used after uploading. Could my photos be used to develop the next person’s AI portrait?

Prisma Labs, the maker of Lensa, told TechCrunch it deletes the photos. But I’m reluctant to give my name when they ask for it at the boba tea place — let alone pay an app to ingest pics of my face to make me a cartoon.

In a group chat recently, a friend asked why everyone was falling for the Lensa thing when we didn’t know…

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