Microsoft Edge will soon let you split two tabs in a single window

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft has started testing a new split-screen feature for Edge that lets you compare two tabs side-by-side. The feature was first discovered by Leopeva64-2 on Reddit, and it’s available in an experimental flag in the beta, dev, and canary versions of Microsoft Edge. Once enabled, a new button appears alongside the address bar that lets you split an Edge window into two separate tabs side-by-side.

While you can already compare tabs next to each other in Windows by dragging a tab and then using built-in Windows split views to place them side-by-side, it can be fiddly to achieve this unless you drag the tab all the way to the right- or left-hand side of your monitor. This built-in split view in Edge makes it easier in a single click,…

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